We are a medium sized  niche construction company and real estate holding company that specializes in low cost renovation of multi family and single family housing.  With the real estate market relatively stagnant in the Northeast, we primarily focus on the renovation of multifamily houses and entry level single family houses, as its infinitely easier to sell or refinance a fully performing, fully rehabbed multifamily or low cost single than a high end single family lying fallow and  that’s vacant.  because of the volume we do, we can turn a property over to a buyer, whether its a single family or a multi, cheaper than anyone else.  We buy cheaply and our construction costs are well below the regional average.  We make our money in doing volume.

Most importantly, we are investors, buyers, and landlords. We;ve been doing this full time for about 14 years.  Ironically, we do better in this down market than in a great market, because in a good market, every doctor, dentist, lawyer, podiatrist, and factory worker calls themselves a developer – well, that is, until the market shakes out.

Myself, I have a Juris Doctorate, am a CPA, have an MBA and have three Batchelor’s degrees – a B.S. in Finance, a B.S. in Accounting, and a B.S. in Economics.  But my best education came from emperical trial and error.


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